​Deliver sales presentations 
and pitches that convert

  • The perfect half-day masterclass, to include with a sales meeting... 
  • Or a one-day interactive workshop to kick-start fast sales growth...
  • Or consultancy support to help you and your team to develop a high converting customer presentation.

“Today my company won its largest ever contract worth £750,000 over three years. From the invitation to tender and quote writing, through to the customer presentations, I applied Mike’s training. 

It was the first time I had started any presentation without telling the customer about us, how long we have been in business and what we do.”

Matt Fletcher, MD, Fletcher Moorland Ltd.
(Electric motor and servo repair and servicing, Stoke-on-Trent)

What this course covers

Your sales team learn how to plan, design and deliver highly persuasive customer presentations or pitches. 

This can be a brief, across-the-desk presentation to a decision maker, formally pitch a small group of decision makers and influencers or present to an mixed audience of potential customers at a conference or exhibition.

These same pitching principles also apply to designing and presenting corporate or promotional videos for your website or LinkedIn business page.

Identify important differentiating gains and outcomes.

Your business delivers a unique set of ways that prospective customers gains, even when you supply a similar or identical product or service to your competitors. 

No two suppliers achieve the same outcomes for their customers, which is why market leaders price higher for what, on the surface, may appear identical. Next-day parcel delivery, accountancy, insurance services and the supply of identical components and materials are classic examples.

When your sales team apply these proven pitching principles in their presentations, it positions your business as the natural supplier of first choice, even when they pitch against market leaders and current or embedded suppliers. 

What do senior decision makers remember the most?

Research into cognitive behaviour, memory and retention has created a series of rules for an effective sales presentation. These include the ‘Rule of Three’ – listeners will only remember three things after your presentation. In this course your team learn powerful cognitive techniques that lock-in three compelling reasons to choose you. A critically important consideration in a protracted sales process. 

Cognitive behaviour also demands that your presentations link key features to 'valued outcomes' (outcomes are the highest form of benefits), to build a significant advantage over competitors - especially preferred suppliers.

Confident presenting and pitching skills

Even the most seasoned sales professionals admit to being nervous when the stakes are high.  The course teaches your sales people how to build personal confidence and deliver a truly professional presentation – and ensure that everything runs without a hitch.

No risk training

Unsure if this presentation skills course is right for your team? Email me a copy of your typical sales presentation, (cover up your sensitive information) and I will call you and give you my honest opinion as to how this can benefit your business. It is not in my interest, or yours, to train your team if the training doesn't deliver a significant, measurable increase in your sales.

Your team don't use a  presentation

If your team don’t currently give sales presentations on a laptop, or use a sales presenter, then there may be a significant opportunity to increase your sales. Ask your prospects or customers if your competitors give sales presentations.

Does your current sales presentation fail to convince prospects?

  • Do your opening words crash, because you start by introducing your own business?...
  • Or, do you start with a compelling opening, to make the senior decision makers sit up and engage?
  • Are your visuals filled with bullet points and too many lines of text – uninspiring and unlikely to engage or be remembered?
  • Does your presentation fail to justify a price higher than lower priced competitors?
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    Do your presentations focus on three compelling reasons for the prospect to choose you - and pay more? 

How the master class increases your presentation conversions

  • You captures immediate interest and lock in continuing attention
  • Your presentation is uniquely memorable and shared, continuing to sell, after you leave
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    You stimulate new customer thinking, to encourage supplier change or outsourcing
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    You increase the perceived value of what you sell, and significantly
  • caret-right
    You justify a higher price, even for price driven prospects
  • caret-right
    You make current suppliers and preferred competitors appear weak and poorly matched
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    You create presentation visuals that captivate and hold interest
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    You add a compelling ‘call to action’, to drive your sale forward

“I have attended two of Mike's master classes and was inspired by both.
Fundamentally, Mike knows what he is talking about and presents his ideas and experience in a very straightforward and to the point manner. I have experienced results from the practical application of his ideas. I would recommend his services to both new and experienced sales professionals.”

Mark Whittaker, Business Development Manager, Integral UK Limited,
(Leading facilities management specialists)