Courses for in-company sales team training
Facilitated by Mike Kingston

Add a half or one day skills development workshop to your next team meeting, to boost your team's key order conversion skills.

Four in-company B2B sales workshops

Sales proposals, quotations or tenders

Achieve a 20% to 50% increase in the conversion rate of your sales quotes?

Not sure this will work for you? Why not email me a sample of a quote or tender and I will tell you how much I believe this workshop will boost your conversion rate?

Cold-call & email prospecting

Double your team’s new customer meetings.

Confident, effective cold call and email prospecting skills and techniques.

Give your sales people the confidence to cold prospect and persuade prospects to meet.

Customer Sales presentations & pitches

Construct and deliver customer presentations that beat competitors.

Convert your B2B team’s sales presentations and pitches into compelling propositions that magically increase their sales conversion rate.

Negotiating for higher price & profit

Turn your sales team into skilled sales negotiators. 

Counters the price and terms negotiating tactics of customers (especially buyers). Negotiate significantly more profitable sales, without ever risking the order.

It cut through all the clutter, discarding antiquated techniques and leaving me with a very clear idea of how to approach a potential buyer when creating a sales proposal.

Lize Purves, Marketing and Communications Manager, BDR Voice & Data