Cold call and email prospecting for new customers

“Just brilliant.”

John Bennett, Director, Bennett Engineering

  • The perfect three-hour master class, to include with a sales meeting
  • Or a one-day interactive workshop to kick-start faster sales growth
  • Or consultancy support to help you and your team to develop a suite of highly effective call scripts and email templates

What you can expect from

this course

The good news is that your sales teams don’t need to be superior salespeople to be effective prospectors. When they follow the proven strategies and techniques taught in this course, they are guaranteed to increase their new customer appointments, and immediately.

The course teaches a professional soft-sell prospecting approach, primarily for business-to-business selling, and particularly for approaching senior decision makers.

The selling style is consultative, designed to build customer confidence and establish a long-term relationship. (Uses no hard sell or tricks.)

Mike shows your team how to engage potential customers in the first few seconds of a call and turn-around the most common rejections, “We’re happy with our present supplier”, “We don’t plan to change” and “We do that ourselves”. Mike also demonstrates a simple technique that turns the request, “Send me a brochure” into a continuing, positive discussion.

Your team also learn a 'last minute' request that fills your prospect pipeline with up to eight times as many genuine opportunities for future follow up.

Reaching senior decision makers
It’s easy to get appointments with lower level staff, unfortunately, they can’t make a buying decision or approve a change of supplier. Your team learn proven email and cold call strategies and techniques that get them their critical first meeting with senior decision makers. And it’s a lot easier than they might think.

Breaking into your competitors’

high-value accounts

These same prospecting techniques are particularly effective at winning your competitors’ valued accounts. Your team learns approach strategies that encourage decision makers to consider you as an alternative or complementary supplier.

Let me be completely honest

I can’t promise that all your team will double their sales appointments, no one can, BUT… 

  • Salespeople who are already proficient at cold prospecting should easily achieve 50% or more appointments from the same number of cold or warm, lead generated approaches. 
  • Salespeople who are new to prospecting or in the early stage of developing their skills should easily double their appointments. 

Several long-established sales and telemarketing teams have tripled their appointment rate in the week after this training.

Does your team find email and cold call prospecting challenging?

  • Do they sometimes fail to get meetings with desirable, high-value prospects?
  • Do their prospecting emails open the door to new sales opportunities?
  • Do they need to get more appointments with potential customers, to achieve their revenue targets?
  • play
    Do they get blocked by receptionists, secretaries and other gatekeepers?
  • play
    Do they face constant rejections and need proven ways to stimulate interest?

How this training helps

your team

  • Increases their appointments using a proven referral based approach
  • Achieves an immediate ‘buy-in’ with a compelling opening introduction
  • Overcomes rejections and objections using three classic techniques
  • play
    Turns requests for your brochures and literature into a continuing conversation
  • play
    Helps them to steal key customers from competitors, even from market leaders
  • play
    Persuades gate-keepers to connect them with the boss
  • play
    Closes for an appointment with soft, non-pressure requests
  • play
    Builds up to eight times their future sales opportunities with “…one last thing”