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Mike Kingston’s top rated sales training workshops teach sales people,
teams and business owners how to win two to three times their number
of loyal, high worth customers, often with less sales effort and cost.
And it’s a lot easier than you think.

Mike Kingston photo wordpress1Over the past nineteen years more than 26,000 executives from business owners, partners and directors to front line staff have sharpened their new business winning skills at 1,700 seminars and master classes that I have presented for Chambers of Commerce, the EEF, Business Links, BiteSize and other training organisations.

The sales teams of more than 450 UK and International companies have also benefited from in-company training, applying my unique ‘customer centric’ approach to winning new customers. They range from manufacturing, engineering, processing, distribution, finance, business services and consultancy to professional and public services.

I have presented at manufacturing, engineering, transport, design industry and
business conferences and lectured to an industry group at the House of Commons!

Recent in-house consultancies have found me training sales teams in Singapore, Chicago, Manila and Shanghai.

What makes my sales training so effective? It’s based on a lifetime of learning,
bench marking and teaching the nest business-to-business sales practice.

My background

My first sales job was with NCR, a global information technology company. I went on to manage sales teams in leading electronics, hygiene andtelecommunications companies. These included GEC, Initital Services and BritishTelecom.

Twenty years ago I set out as an independent trainer and presenter. In recent years over 50% of delegates attending my open seminars have been from companies that previously booked. They include many well known companies, leaders in their field

“Mike has got a real gift – and plenty of experience – on how to develop effective marketing and selling strategies. I particularly value him for challenging my companies to be clearer about what they are selling.
He can help make a real difference to sales volume. Recommended.”

John Jeffrey, Pyeroy Ltd.